In which Coursera jumps the shark

If you do not know what it means to “jump the shark” read this explanation.

For-profit MOOCs are struggling. However, they will not tell you that. What they will say instead is that they are expanding, or adjusting their business model, or need to make changes in order to be sustainable so they can continue to offer courses. FutureLearn has made changes to this effect. Just so you know: taking more away from people and limiting access is not designed to help you as a student; it only helps the for-profit MOOC platform make more money off of you.

But back to Coursera. They are getting desperate. You see that in their 7-day trial approach, their requirement for specializations to be by paid subscription only, and through other changes and partnerships they have formed, such as this.

Perhaps that website/partnership is not legit. It is hard to tell. However, based on this information it looks legitimate. Coursera appears to now be selling itself to others to sell the courses and specializations through a third-party, knock-off outfit. This is shark jumping desperation.



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